The Art & Science of Selling Anything

August 08, 2013

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You'd think a former top marketing exec of a Fortune 100 business with an MBA from Harvard would know everything about business. But that wasn't the case.

Last week, a friend confided in me over strawberry lemonades at Le Pain Quotidian. "Amanda, I want to be a marketing consultant now, but how will I find enough clients, even with my enormous network?"

(Good reminder that even powerhouses have huge knowledge gaps and need help.)

We both agreed that sales is not marketing, and to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to become an ace saleswoman. A "closer," as we business-junkies say.

When you're building a services or contract-based business, sales is an art, a science, and a state of mind.

The art is in your communication and presentation.

The science comes down to numbers: conversations, prospects, opportunities and contracts.

The psychology requires a super-human level of resilience in the face of constant rejection. Fun, right? Not really, but an essential part of working for yourself.

The conversation with my friend had me wondering: If someone like her needed help selling herself, how many others might need to sharpen their sales skills?

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