Supreme Court Is Revisiting Workplace Conditions for Pregnant Women

  • By Koa Beck
  • December 02, 2014

Supreme Court

What we’re reading today.

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will revisit workplace accomodations for pregnant women under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The decision will impact the lives of the 68 million working women in the U.S. (Fortune)

General Electric Co. is embracing Pinterest, Instagram, BuzzFeed, and more. (WSJ)

Of Hollywood’s 25 most powerful writers, only eight are women. (THR)

Women in Journalism has announced a new annual prize in honour of Georgina Henry, the former deputy editor of the Guardian. (The Guardian)

The divorce surge is over. (NYT)

Girl Scout cookies will now be available to purchase online. #BreakTheInternet. (NYT)

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