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From Constant Brainstorming to Open Offices — Why We’re Working All Wrong

3421 the pros and cons of open office layouts and working from home 1
The way we work is not one size fits all. The eight-hour workday, the 9-to-5 timeframe, the one-hour lunch, the 15-minute break — these... Read Now

3 Reasons You Need to Stop Multitasking

3419 3 reasons you need to stop multitasking 1
Real worth is measured in quality, not quantity. You know this instinctively. But if you really believed it, would you attempt to do as... Read Now

How to Parent Equally When You Both Work Full-Time

3416 how to parent equally when you both work full time 1 2
When I was pregnant, I ran into an acquaintance who asked whether I would continue to teach classes after the baby’s birth. “Of course,”... Read Now

10 Fast Facts About Ursula Burns, the First Black Female CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

3407 10 fast facts about ursula burns the ceo of xerox 1
Ursula Burns in now synonymous with history. When she was named CEO of Xerox, a company at which she had been employed for almost 30... Read Now