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If We Valued Mothers, We Would Protect Their Jobs

3166 if we valued mothers we would protect their jobs 1
What we’re reading today. Jessica Valenti says that if we truly valued motherhood, we would allow pregnant women to hold down a job.... Read Now

Supreme Court Is Revisiting Workplace Conditions for Pregnant Women

3156 supreme court is revisiting workplace conditions for pregnant women 1
What we’re reading today. Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will revisit workplace accomodations for pregnant women under the Pregnancy... Read Now

Republican Aide Who Criticized the Obama Girls Is Resigning

3152 republican aide who criticized the obama girls is resigning 1
What we’re reading today. The Republican congressional aide who criticized the Obama girls on Facebook is resigning. (NBC) Jacqueline... Read Now

Jill Abramson Launching Journalism Startup With Huffington Post?

3150 jill abramson launching journalism startup with huffington post 1
What we’re reading today. Jill Abramson may be launching her new journalism startup with The Huffington Post. (NYT) Nike has opened a... Read Now