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Stay-at-Home Dads on the Rise — But Not Everywhere

3138 stay at home dads aren t on the rise everywhere 1
What we’re reading today. Only 12 percent of female business leaders have a full-time, stay-at-home partner. (Fortune) Ten companies... Read Now

Computer Engineer Barbie Can’t Code

3135 computer engineer barbie can t code 1
Here’s what we’re reading right now. Barbie can be a computer programmer, but only with the help of a man. Barf. (The Guardian) The LA... Read Now

Serial Podcast Just Made iTunes History

Serial 1
Here’s what we’re reading right now. The Serial podcast just made iTunes history. (The Guardian) The NFL treats players’ wives like... Read Now

Meet the Top Recruiter of Silicon Valley: Jana Rich

3115 the top recruiter in silicon valley jana rich 1
Here’s what we’re reading right now. The top recruiter in Silicon Valley, 47-year-old Jana Rich, specializes in hiring “unicorns.” (Ozy)... Read Now