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Why 2014 Was a Bad Year for Women

3215 the biggest abortion restrictions of 2014 1
The most restrictive abortion laws passed this year Read Now

Here’s What the Medical Bills for Ebola Look Like

3077 if you get ebola will treatment be covered by insurance 1
The average American is more likely to get hit by lightning than Ebola — but those who do contract the virus here face a fight for... Read Now

Flu Shots: It Costs More Not to Get One

3040 it costs you more not to get a flu shot 1
Along with the holidays and winter comes the flu season. As many as 20 percent of us stand a good chance of getting sick in the next... Read Now

This is Exactly How Much Sleep You Need

3024 this is exactly how much sleep you need 1
How much sleep do you get every night? Studies show that most people try to muddle by on less than seven hours, but new research claims... Read Now