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Make Your Next Flight Better — and Cheaper

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Flying blows. Take off your shoes. Take off your belt. Stand in line forever. Fight to get on the plane. Fight to get off. Pay to check... Read Now

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Save Money

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If you’re active on social media, you’re constantly presented with opportunities to save, whether you've signed up for them or not. If... Read Now

Changing the Ratio: Meet 11 Trailblazing Women in Male-Dominated Industries

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Californian Nancy Pelosi did it in 2007 when she took the gavel from Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert’s hands. Sandra Day O’Connor... Read Now

10 Strategies to Save on Your Rental Car

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If there's no reliable form of public transportation, then a rental car will most likely be your main form of transportation. Here are... Read Now